Easy Data Management for Shopify

Easily connect your data sources and visualize your key metrics in one dashboard. Save time and unlock insights to help grow your business.

$10 / Month

after a 14-Day free trial

Here are some of our favorite things you can do with Boardroom.


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Connect multiple platforms

Use Boardroom to connect the data from your Shopify stores (yes, plural) with your marketing data from Facebook and Google Ads. You can connect as many Shopify stores and ad accounts as you’d like for no additional cost.

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Enhanced Shopify analytics

Forecast inventory stockout dates, identify your fastest & slowest selling products, and report on SKU and Variant performance with our Inventory Insights tool.

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Get KPIs

Say goodbye to managing your ecommerce data in a spreadsheet. Using our Key Performance Indicator dashboard, your metrics are at your fingertips like never before.

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Schedule custom reports

Our reports are visually appealing and customizable. You decide what metrics to include, who to send it to, when to send it, and how often. After all, it's YOUR data!